Mercury Thermometer
Mercury Thermometer (also known as mercury-in-glass thermometer) was invented by German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714. Mercury Thermometer is actually a thermometer in a glass tube. The mercury in the glass tube varies (nearly linearly) according to the temperature of the mercury and calibrated marks on the tube allow the temperature to be read by the length of the mercury within the tube. At the end of the tube is generally a bulb of mercury which contains most of the mercury. The expansion and contraction of this volume of mercury in the bulb is then amplified in the much narrower bore of the tube. The space above the mercury is then filled with nitrogen or it may be less than atmospheric pressure, which is normally a vacuum.

The bulb at the end of mercury thermometer looks silver. If the bulb is red, blue, purple, green or any other color, it is not a mercury thermometer.

Mercury thermometers are used to measure body temperature (fever thermometers), liquid temperature, and vapor temperature.

Mercury Thermometer
Mercury fever thermometers are made of glass the size of a straw and are common item in every home, schools, offices, clinics & hospitals. Easy to use, mercury fever thermometers normally have dual scale (Fahrenheit and Celsius scales).

There are different types of mercury thermometers that measure (fever) body temperature:
- Oral Thermometers
- Rectal Thermometers
- Baby Thermometers
- Basal Thermometer

thermometer clinical
DP33 - Thermometer Clinical, Prismatic, Dual Scale, Economy model.

Details: Mercury thermometers are most accurate thermometers. You can see readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Easy to use, these oral thermometers can also be placed under the armpit to measure fever. Mercury fever thermometers are must for every home, offices, clinics & hospitals, for travel, outdoor camping & for your first-aid kit box.

- Dual Scale Mercury Thermometer
- Suitable for sub-lingual (under the tongue) and axilary (under the armpit) use
- Cheap, easy to use and durable
- Packed in shielded plastic cover

Buy few pieces of these mercury thermometers now and measure fever with confidence.

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thermometer flat
DP37 - Thermometer Clinical, Flat, Dual Scale, Extra Large Size.

Details: Easy to use, this mercury thermometer is flat in shape and little extra in size. Convenient to hold and easy to read, these thermometers are most accurate and suitable for sub-lingual (under the tongue) and axilary (under the armpit) use. The flat clinical mercury thermometer has dual scale which means you can view the fever in Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

Packed in shielded plastic cover, the mercury thermometer is easy to store. Buy few pieces of these mercury thermometers now and measure fever with confidence.

» Delivery by Airmail within 2 Weeks.
thermometer rectal
DP39 - Thermometer Rectal

Details: Rectal Mercury Thermometer is used to measure fever by inserting a short probe into the anus. The rectal mercury thermometer is suitable for measuring fever of infants, babies and kids who can't hold a thermometer in their mouths. Rectal fever measurement is also suitable for adult patients who have suffered an oral injury or have undergone surgery in mouth or patients unable to take commands.

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mercury basal thermometer
DP20 - Mercury Basal Thermometer (°F)

Note : Basal thermometers are different from regular fever thermometers and used only by WOMEN to note basal body temperature that occurs with ovulation.

NET Basal Mercury Thermometer is an accurate device to chart basal body temperature of women to predict their fertile period or ovulation (three days). Basal thermometer, thus, helps women determine when they ovulate and thereby dramatically increase chances of conceiving and falling pregnant. By this way they can plan either to conceive or take precaution.
»A woman is susceptible to conceive during 3 days of ovulation and NET Basal Mercury Thermometer can indicate these days.
»With ovulation body temperature increases due to increase in hormone progesterone and by precise recording of your body's resting temperature first thing in the morning and at the same time each morning, you can know when ovulation takes place in your cycle.
»Made from high quality capillary tubing with lens front in Jena normal glass.
»Suitable for oral (sub-lingual) and rectal use.
Temperature Range:
95° - 100°F Subdivided in 0.1°F
Includes comprehensive ovulation charts and instructions!
» Delivery by Airmail within 2 Weeks.


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